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Please select the Session Selection form for the program your Participant will be in and submit with your paperwork! 

    - Spring Registration will be available in November.

    - Fall Registration will be available in June. 


 All participants (Therapeutic Riding & Ground Work) are required to fill out the Returning Registration for Spring and Fall prior to being placed on the schedule. The programming schedule is arranged in order of receipt. First come, First serve  For best pick of your preferred day/time return your paperwork and registration fee ASAP once registration has opened.

** Participants need to update all medical forms every other year.  If you have questions about what forms you need for your participant please contact the Riding Center.

Adaptive Horsemanship Paperwork

(Therapeutic Riding & Ground Work)

Please contact the Riding Center for more details on Participating in Therapeutic Riding Program. Participants will only be able to ride once ALL paperwork is received and orientation is completed.

Please note all NEW participants and participants that have not been active in the most recent two (2) years
are required to attend an Orientation prior to participation. 
You must RSVP to the Orientation by contacting the Riding Center at 712-239-5042.

Please contact the Riding Center to submit your paperwork!