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​​​Equine Assisted Services Since 1984


Through the unique power of our equine assisted learning classes, clients at STARS are learning better communication skills, team work, responsibility, forgiveness, how to make good decisions and even how to grieve after a loss. Classes are unique and custom formed to each individual or group.

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Therapeutic riding utilizes the horse to help individuals of all ages who experience physical, cognitive, emotional, behavioral, or social challenges. Therapeutic Riding and animal-assisted programs provide a significant, cost-efficient, and highly effective form of physical, learning, and development therapy. Through structured activities, therapeutic riding utilizes the horse to evoke response from the human client while providing the ideal kinetic, tactile environment for powerful, transformative situations that nearly everyone – despite age or ability – can fully experience.

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Is your company or organization going through some changes, a difficult time, or simply looking for a new way to strengthen the bond between coworkers?  We can help.  In this program, we utilize the horse and it's response to energy in order to bring individuals together and get them to think and work together.


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