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Yearly Levels

Monthly Giving Program

When you become a member of the Stable Club you commit to helping keep STARS Stable all year long. Your monthly contribution is vital to programming needs.  You make a difference every month with your membership! The Stable Club is automatically withdrawn for your convenience, a 12 month commitment at your level of choice or a one time donation at your level of choice.  When you sign up to become a Monthly Giver in the Stable Club you will receive recognition in the Riding Center Ramp Room, and also recognized on the STARS website for your ongoing support! 
Select the option below for Monthly or Yearly.

Stable club Membership renewals occur after 12 months from your initial start date.  

Stable Club Membership levels:

     Bay Level - $10/month for 12 months or $120/year

     Palomino Level - $25/month for 12 months or $300/year
     Sorrel Level - $50/month for 12 months or $600/year
     Buckskin Level - $100/month for 12 months or $1200/year

Dun Level - $150/month for 12 months or $1800/year

Roan Level - $200/month for 12 months or $2400/year


Monthly Levels