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Would you like to help FUND A RIDE? 

Fund a Ride is a great way to support a specific rider, a rider in the greatest need, or contribute to the support fund for ALL riders!

STARS Supports EVERY participant that comes through our program with a 75% discount off the overall fee. That 75% is supported by fundraising and private donations. As an organization we can always use help with that 75%.

The remaining 25% that a participant in Therapeutic Riding is responsible for is $189 per 6 week session.  If someone is unable to pay the 25%, we work with them to find funding for at least 1 session of Therapeutic Riding and sometimes that is a scholarship from us! 

If you have a specific rider that you would like to contribute to their ride, your donation will go directly to them! Please be sure to add their name on the donation form! *Please note that a donation made to a specific rider will remain on their account for the payment of session fees until that rider becomes inactive, at which point all remaining funds will be distributed to the Support Fund

All donations through Fund a Ride are a taxable donation and donors will receive a tax letter in the mail. 

Make your Fund a Ride Donation HERE!