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Silver Saddles

This program is offered through Western Iowa Tech

You don’t have to be a child or young adult to discover the magic of horses and horse-riding. This wonderful program, created and taught by the skilled staff of STARS in Sioux City, is designed for Lifelong Learning members over 50 who want to combine fitness activities with a search for new experiences.

The Silver Saddles program will provide you with an understanding of horses, safe interaction around them and an opportunity to develop elementary skills in horse riding.

The STARS staff has had a great deal of experience working with individuals who have had little or no previous interaction with horses. You will learn how to bond with horses, feed them and eventually enjoy a gentle ride at the STARS facility.

Similar programs around the country have found that seniors can improve balance, flexibility and endurance as a result of this kind of activity. There are also psychological benefits: developing a sense of meaning, promoting social connections and acquiring a sense of accomplishment.

Learning to Communicate with Horses is a prerequisite for taking Silver Saddles. The earlier class is designed to ensure that you are comfortable being around horses and know how to communicate with them.

Register for this class through Western Iowa Tech’s Lifelong Learning Program.