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Sacred Mirror Registration

8 CEU Hours Available for Mental Health Counselors and objectives for this training Include: 
* Establish connection between equine assisted learning and mindfulness
* Explore the use of metaphor as a transformative process
* Describe the benefits of equine assisted learning on self-care and building healthy relationships with others
* Increase toolbox of coping and life skills for client and self through equine assisted learning
* Differentiate between equine assisted psychotherapy and talk therapy including research on the increased effectiveness and utilizing alternative treatments in the helping profession
* Justify the need for a deeper knowledge in alternative therapies in the helping profession. why clients need more.
* Translate experiential activities into real world awareness
* Illustrate the positive impact that using alternative therapies, such as mindfulness and equine assisted learning, can have on client retention for those in the helping field

Sacred Mirror: Horses, Mindfulness and Metaphor to Heal will truly be an experience that can open the depths of self reflection and create a tapestry of connection with the larger perspective of our work with self and others.

Registration is available online as well as by mail!

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Thank you for your interest in this training!  STARS and Be Yoga are excited to bring this unique opportunity to the Siouxland area and further the knowledge of using Horses in the healing process!

If you have any questions about this training or registration please do not hesitate to contact the STARS office at 712-239-5042!

we are excited to announce for the Third year in a row we will be offering this amazing training!

THursday, April 25, 2018

8:00 am - 5:00 pm     

check in begins at 7:3o am 

@ the STARS riding center

(33148 county rd K22)


lunch and light snacks throughout the day

Sacred Mirror has been cancelled for this year.  Next available offering of this course will be Spring 2020.  We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.  

This Full Day Training designed for both personal interest and professional inquiry will thread mindfulness and metaphor to express the transformative power of utilizing horses in the healing process. Research has shown that horses can enhance the relationship with oneself; resulting in a deeper connection with others and the world around us. Because horses are fully present and without an agenda or judgment, they invite us to be the same, and that is where the deepest and most effective work transpires. This is what motivates our interwoven experience for this training that will blend lecture, discussion and experiential work with the horses. 

Among many other benefits for both personal healing and professional use in the helping fields, horses can significantly increase relationship building/therapeutic rapport, efficiency of learning and overall self insight of the self and client. Equine Assisted Programs offer a refreshing approach to healing and transformation. Now more than ever, mindfulness is taking the lead in the helping and healing field. Bring in the use of these beautiful animals to your personal journey and watch the dynamic process of change and growth exponentially deepen. For helping professionals, Increase client retention without burnout and experience a more meaningful journey of using horses as a tool for physical, emotional and spiritual growth. 

​​Sacred Mirror: Horses, Mindfulness, & Metaphor to Heal

Join Jackie Paulson, Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Registered Yoga Teacher alongside of Julie Dorn from the STARS program on a collaborative journey into the intimate and transformative power of the HORSE-HUMAN CONNECTION.