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Harley is a Labradoodle who loves to be the center of attention. He especially enjoys visiting the children in the hospital, but he loves anyone who treats him like a rock star! He likes to go on walks, play at doggy daycare, fetch his red rubber chicken while running like a wild man through the yard, and sleep.


Baloo is a Blue Tick Coonhound that started as a STARS K9 in 2016.  Baloo was a rescue dog that was unable to walk on his front legs very well when he came to his owners.  He had learned how to crawl and bunny hop in his kennel, so that was how he got around.  After going to therapy with Jean Gill, Baloo eventually learned how to walk and is now a "normal" dog.  In his free time, he loves to curl up on the couch with a blanket.


Lizzie is a Golden Retriever.  In her spare time, she loves to explore, and chew on dog bones.  Lizzie also has “attention deficit disorder”  — she never gets enough!

Gracie is a Border Collie/Golden Retriever that started as a STARS K9 in 2009 at 18 months old.  In her free time, Gracie loves to play ball or frisbee.  She also loves to swim in her owner's pool, do agility, and go to daycare and chase the ball.  She takes pride in beating all of the other dogs at this game.  One funny thing Gracie does is, whenever someone prepares to do anything, she automatically thinks they are getting ready to play ball or frisbee and will go to the back door to get one.


Jetta is a Labradoodle that started with STARS as a therapy dog during the fall of 2016.  When Jetta isn't busy being a therapy dogs, she loves to go for walks at Ponca State Park and play with the other dogs and cats in her household.  Jetta is a fun loving dog, but she knows that when she puts on her STARS vest and her leash it is time to go to work and she immediately settles down and is ready to go to work.

Buddy is a Labradoodle who has been a part of his family since he was a puppy.  He likes taking walks.  He especially enjoys being around children.

Roxy is a Toy Fox Terrier, not to be mistaken for a Rat Terrier, that has been a K9 STARS dog since November 2007.  Roxy loves to go on walks, visit hospice and hospital patients, read with kids at libraries, provide stress relief for college students before final exams, and compete in Barn Hunts which is a new AKC regulated sport, but above all Roxy loves to eat!  A couple interest facts Roxy would like you to know about her breed are they are highly intelligent, extremely fast and love everybody.  They get along well with other animals and are not aggressive unless threatened. 

Kate is a veteran therapy dog who woke up blind when she was eight years old.   She most enjoys visits with the college students and special school visits.   Kate has a great nose and super hearing.   She wakes up very happy every day.

 Yogi is a very playful Rottweiler that started at STARS in February of 2017.  He loves to play chase with his sisters Lulu, a 7 year old Rottie, and Harley, a 2 year old 25 lb. Daschund/Terrier mix, but his favorite game is fetch, or playing tug of war with Harley (he even lets her win... on occasion).  Although Yogi is 130 lbs., he is an incredibly sweet gentle giant.  He loves attention, but does not demand it.  Yogi also loves to cuddle!


Happy is always happy! She makes friends with everyone she meets and doesn’t know a stranger. You can’t help but smile when you meet her. She gets so excited when she knows she is going on a therapy visit that she does a little dance – it seems this dance is contagious because many people she meets do the dance with her! On her time outside of STARS Happy enjoys playing agility, running on trails and swimming.

Jimi is a golden retriever.  He spends Thursday afternoon at the rehab gym at Unity Point and enjoys his contact with the patients.  Jimi also loves to listen to kids read and likes going into classrooms to watch math problems being solved.   When not working he takes care of his BFF Kate and loves to free run in our fields.  He is training for agility and showing in competition obedience.  

Meet the Dogs

Lainey is a nine year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She loves her job as a therapy dog. Her favorite thing is visiting kids. She also competes in agility and she is super happy to lay on the couch and get a tummy rub.