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Max has been riding at STARS for 4 years and loved his horse Rico because he went just the right speed and helped Max feel happy.  Max’s favorite part about therapeutic riding class is trotting because he gets to go fast.  Riding has not only helped Max sit up straight but improved his confidence also.  Max loves everything about STARS and would like people to donate to STARS because “STARS has changed my life. It is FUN and it can help other kids.”  Let’s help Max reach his goal of $600 and help other riders too!  


Fundraising Goal: $600 

​  Thank you, Julie Nelson!

  I am so proud of you! Keep working hard   buddy! I have the best brother ever! 

  ~Love you, Eliana

  Way to go, Max.  I'm glad you found a pal in        Rico!

  ~Mindy Bottom

  Great Job, Max!

​  ~Jess Hede

 -Go Max & Rico!! You're a great pair and I'm   so glad you have found one another. Keep   working hard Buddy, You're doing awesome!! 

​  -Uncle Jared, Jovie, and I love you!!

  Thank you, Andrew Martin!

  Thank you, Ali Beckius!

  I am so proud of your progress Max!! I loves      all the things you had to say during your              interview. You are so smart and kind. I love        you!

  ~Grandma Jackes

  So proud of Max for wanting to do this. When      we hear him talk about how much he enjoys it,    it makes us smile. 

  ~Love, Grandma and Grandpa C, Jennifer and


  Max, we hope you have a lot of fun riding this    year! I always loved when I was riding my   horse and am glad that you get this   experience! 

  -Love, Jeana, Jamin, Jamisyn, Jagger, Jaela

  Love watching you ride!

 ~Anita Collier

Fund a Ride 2022