This program is offered through Western Iowa Tech

As a child did you always admire horses from afar? Have you wanted to learn more about horses? Whether or not you have ever been around a horse, this class will make you more confident around them.

Learning to Communicate with Horses is a non-riding horse class for adults 50 and over who have always wanted to learn about these majestic creatures. This half-day class will teach you safe communication with horses. You’ll experience a silky muzzle, warmth of breath and the feeling of serenity as you connect with a horse. Learn how horses communicate with each other, and how to safely interact and engage in activities that encourage bonding between horse and human. Sometimes this bond can help the human heart to heal when there has been a loss or sad experience or traumatic incident in a person’s life.

At the end of the workshop, you will have enough confidence and knowledge to be comfortable in the presence of the horses. We also hope you might consider taking the Silver Saddles class which will provide a gentle introduction to horsemanship.

Please register through Western Iowa Tech’s Lifelong Learning Program.

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Learning to Communicate with Horses

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