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  • Registration open August 1

  • Registration closes August 20 

  • Approve site by September 1

  • Campaign ends October 31



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Here is how to register your rider to participate

When you raise funds for STARS this Fall you could earn FREE Sessions for 2021!!!

WHAT IS FUND A RIDE?  Fund A Ride is an online fundraising campaign, led by STARS families and riders. Riders and their families raise fund for STARS in honor of your rider, and you earn Free STARS classes or sessions.  All funds raised go directly to the Client Support Fund.* 

This is the second year Fund a Ride will be taking place. Registration to participate in this fundraiser will open August 1, 2020 and close August 20, 2020.  Once you register, you will get a direct link to the fundraising page on the STARS website.  Please approve that site and content to go live by September 1, 2020.  Once your page is live share, share, share through email, social media, text, etc. Your site is YOUR responsibility to share and raise funds for. Totals will be updated weekly on each rider’s site. The campaign will end October 31, 2020.  Each donor to your rider’s page will receive a tax letter and thank you from STARS.  You will also be provided a list of your donors to thank, your total, and what your account will be credited.

Discounts and Free Sessions will be credited to your family account to be used between 1/2/2021 & 12/31/2021.

*Client Support Fund: STARS supports 75% of EVERY client’s tuition through contributions and fundraising. The remaining 25% is the responsibility of the client/caregiver.  Client scholarships are available if financial assistance is needed.  STARS will not deny a client services due to financial burden.

** Many companies match donations made by their employees.  Ask your donors if they work for a company that offers such a program.  Matching funds are counted towards your fundraising total and free sessions earned!

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