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 Thank you, Angie Masters!


 Thank you, Anonymous Donor 

 Thank you, Naomi Anderson!

  Ali, I admire how you challenge yourself with   so many different life experiences.  continue to   set your goals high because you are such a   positive example for others to follow. I'm proud   so proud of you!

​ ~Norma Castillo

​ Thank you, Delwin and Marla Quenzer!

  Love watching you ride!

  ~Anita Collier

Alisynn, our fundraising participant that has been at STARS the longest, has been riding for 9 years!  Alisynn has ridden a number of horses since starting at STARS including: Monty, Daisy, Doc, Tuffy, and most recently, Star. Alisynn loves all the horses because “they are all really nice and sweet.”  Doing all the fun activities in class is Alisynn’s favorite part about her weekly lessons at STARS.  Getting to know her instructors, volunteer team, and other riders are some of the benefits that Alisynn experiences in therapeutic riding class.  Alisynn has set a goal of raising $300 during Fund A Ride –  will you donate to help her reach her goal?  

 Ali, so neat to see you in the spotlight with so   many different horses! We are so glad you're   ejoying riding - horsesare so special and   beautiful, just like you! We love you very much!

. ~Aunt Natalie and Uncle Dane

 We are so happy to see you will be caring for   and riding Star.  Star was with our family many   years - she is so good and so happy she is in   the right place! Happy Riding and Enjoy! Love   the pictures!

 ~Todd, Lorrie, and Angie Masters

​ Thank you, Ali Beckius!

​  Thank you, Andrew Martin

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